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Wellness Programs

Hogan Pharmacy is more than just a pharmacy. Our mission is to provide the best care for our patients. Hogan Pharmacy is dedicated to the profession of pharmacy and provides professional services beyond those offered at most pharmacies. We focus completely on patient wellness.

Our pharmacists work with patients to optimize medication use, avoid, prevent or resolve medication related problems, minimize adverse drug-related side effects and help our patients to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. We employ the most highly qualified and credentialed pharmacist practitioners in the county and have been providing pharmacy services to Lambton County since 1951. We are currently located adjacent to the newly constructed Bluewater Health Hospital at 457 London Road.

Our specialized medication therapy management services include:

Free comprehensive medication therapy reviews in the pharmacy or in the comfort of the patient's home if eligible.

Free diabetes medication therapy reviews and clinic days.

Weight management

Free flu shots

Smoking cessation

Anticoagulation services

Educational seminars for groups in the community and many other services that help our patients

Clients from any pharmacy are welcome!

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