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Long Term Care

Hogan Pharmacy is committed to quality control procedures, and continuous quality improvement. We are members of the Institute for Safe Management Practices(ISMP). We constantly strive to improve our policies and procedures to assure continuous quality improvements at Hogan Pharmacy. Hogan Pharmacy is able to commit time and resources to work with key members of our Long Term Care Homes to develop policies, procedures and manuals to meet your own individual requirements.

Our Quality Assurance programs are reflected in all aspects of our Long Term Care services:

Preparing Medication Orders

Packaging Medications

Delivery Services to Homes

Maintaining and Upgrading Equipment

Employing Only the Most Highly Qualified Consultant Pharmacists and Registered Technicians


Your comfort is our #1 priority.

Long Term Care: Consultant Pharmacists

Our consultant pharmacists are dedicated to your Long Term Care homes. Our ratio of consultant pharmacists hours, available to each home is 25 hours a week/per home.


A sample of services provided by our pharmacists include:

Working with RTM's to provide on site review of Pharmacy Policies and Procedures.

Providing increased focus and attention to high alert medications for each resident.

Providing customized educational support and continuing education programs.

Assisting your home with the completion of a Medication Safety Self Assessment.

Participating with drug destruction and disposal according to MOHLTC guidelines

Meeting with residents or family members to discuss medication issues and concerns.

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